Jee Lay Har Pal

Live It Abhi was relaunched in 2017 with Jee Lay Hur Pal (Live Every Moment) with a track by Atif Aslam, which brought to life the ‘log kya kehangay’ thorn in the path of the millennial. The launch communication espoused a spontaneous joy of life that resonated well with the target audience giving Pepsi a clear platform and rejuvenating the brand’s association with music. The same track and melody was adapted for both the cricket and Ramazan campaigns ensuring consistency.

The commercial itself featured a group of aspiring musicians frustrated with a creative block during a jam session. A poster advertising a concert by their hero Atif Aslam and a swig of Pepsi triggers an adventurous road trip that allows them to shed their inhibitions and embrace their true self. The story ended with a grand concert featuring the music maestro himself.

The campaign was seen as relevant and relatable, the song was a hit and the resulting spike in brand love ensured that Pepsi was ready to reclaim its position as the voice of the youth.