Lazzat Bhari Sahulat

Nowadays, women are too engrossed in becoming perfect homemakers by religiously carrying out household tasks and putting food on the table. This campaign of National Foods encourages homemakers in pursuing their interests while still being able to make perfectly delectable food for their family.


National Foods began its journey in 1970 as a Spice company with a revolutionary product that popularized the concept of having clean, healthy food. National foods’ initiatives since then is to make hygienic food, reduce time spent in the kitchens, foster health and contribute towards a positive and a more rewarding lifestyle.


National Recipe Mixes are the flagship of National Foods and we wanted to come across to our women as a product for everyday use rather than as occasional food specialists. Through our menu of 36+ recipe mixes, we needed to communicate this offering after a hiatus of two years. In doing so, we acknowledged that the women of today are thriving to move forward and she wants to accomplish much more than just putting perfect food on the table.


Traditionally a woman spends long hours cooking food and carrying out domestic chores for the sake of her family and friends. She is expected to provide everything with perfection just so she can be the ideal domestic carer and fulfil the hopes of her loved ones. However, this hampers her individuality and stops being herself just to be the perfect women. Therefore, IAL and National Foods brought out this aspect in the marketing campaign to target ambitious, forward-thinking women. National Foods is much more than a specialty providing recipe mixes. It is a brand that brings complete and convenient food solutions to women. Hence, the ease of use has allowed them to pursue their diverse interests. It is a success for the family but, most importantly it is a success for herself.