The time has come for you to do something great, for yourself, and for your country, because it is now easier than ever for you to reach your dreams and bring positive change to the world, thanks to the power of Pakistan’s Tez Tareen and Behtareen 3G+ 4G’ by Jazz. #Tez Daurr: the motivational, intense and meaningful 4G announcement.


Jazz is Pakistan’s leading digital and telecom service provider, spearheading service excellence and product innovation in the country. With a subscriber base above 52 million and a legacy of more than 20 years, Jazz maintains market leadership through cutting-edge integrated technology, the strongest brands and the largest portfolio of value added services in the industry.
Jazz offers exclusive & personalized tariff plans that empower customers and cater to the communication needs of a diverse group of people and businesses.
Through its innovative services and products, Jazz is set to bring about a digital revolution that will enable and transform societies towards a more progressive Pakistan.


Competitors had already acquired 4G licenses, but Jazz wanted to launch its 4G in a manner that would grab everyone’s attention and not only showcase the superiority of the product but position it is a revolutionary force that will bring positive change to the country and its people. Jazz had a large 3G customer base and did not want to alienate them. The communication had to stand out but convey the message that Jazz internet truly is ‘Pakistan’s Tez Tareen and Behtareen 3G + 4G’. We had to build a storyline that reflected ‘dunya ko bata do’ the brands philosophy that positions Jazz as an enabler that provides platforms to the people, so that they may succeed.


An action packed campaign that revolves around Danish Taimur a known face, and his realization that he must do something for Pakistan, we creatively depict his decsion to take things into his own hands and with the power of his 4G he is unstoppable, so he runs and as he runs, Pakistan runs with him, every race, every arena, every ground success belongs to the people of Pakistan, thanks to ‘Tez Tareen and Behtareen 3G+ 4G, the ultimate enabler.