Taste esa kay bas Peetay jao

Tang is much bigger than a powdered beverage, it’s a time honored refreshment ritual that creates a moment of real bonding between the mom and the kid. The brand is a bonafide Lovemark in the country.
The objective behind the new campaign was to launch the new Tang formulation and packaging, communicate that Tang’s new taste was better than ever and the exact number of tablespoons required to make a perfect jug or glass of the beverage.
The idea behind the main copy was that refreshing new Tang is so tasty that you’d be hard pressed to find the perfect words to describe it. Young children who are the core target are evolving their opinions and linguistic skills. They like finding their own sense of expression. So the ad featured young children drinking Tang and struggling to find the perfect word to describe its perfect taste, finally settling for ‘best’.
The follow-up campaign was purely tactical focusing squarely on right number of spoonfuls required for a perfect jug of Tang and on the drink being mothers’ preferred choice for their children in the summers whether playing at home, coming home from school or coming home from play or tuition in the evenings.