Kids Watch

The campaign is based on the adventures of a 6 year old boy Eeesa, whose life is full of wonder, excitement and play, his mom is a ‘smart mom’ that does not hinder his exploration and learning, she assists him, plays with him but is assured that he is safe, no matter where he is, because of our product, the Jazz Kids Watch, a GPS tracking watch that makes ‘parenting stress free’.


Jazz is Pakistan’s leading digital and telecom service provider, spearheading service excellence and product innovation in the country. With a subscriber base above 52 million and a legacy of more than 20 years, Jazz maintains market leadership through cutting-edge integrated technology, the strongest brands and the largest portfolio of value added services in the industry.
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Through its innovative services and products, Jazz is set to bring about a digital revolution that will enable and transform societies towards a more progressive Pakistan


The objective of the campaign was to position the product as a fun, convenient and smart way to make parenting stress free. With two similar products from competitors already in the market, these products were being marketed through very serious and emotional communication, we had to be different, in –order to stand out. The campaign had to speak to both the parent and the child, and give them equal attention throughout the communication. Mothers don’t like being told what to do with their kids; hence we couldn’t get preachy in our persuasion.


A route of visual depiction; or more simply an experiential showcase of happiness and love, was chosen; instead of a direct call to action the mom in the campaign was shown as a partner in all her child’s activities, helping him explore. Through the DVC we were talking to moms, through their kids, through an experience of how happy kids will be if they are allowed to be free. The kids also got to see the adventurous life of a young boy and his worthy sidekick, the red robot. The product and all its features were showcased in a simple, fun and engaging manner. We showed that the mom cares about her sons safety and wants to be connected (and in communication) with her child wherever he is and she gets to stay calm and assured because of the product.