Khanay ka Scene Ala

Pakistanis love food and more than that they love to accompany their food with the right beverage. Pepsi was the drink that enhanced food tastes and transformed a mundane meal occasion to one that was infinitely better, the drink to choose when on a night out with friends. The new meals campaign, Khanay Ka Scene Aala (Making Meals Awesome) featured the superstar Fawad Khan out for a meal with his friends and fellow actors Hania Amir and Osman Khalid Butt. Each orders a different meal at a food court setting but all three are disappointed with what is served until Pepsi comes to the rescue transporting them to the source of their meal choice and transforming the meal experience itself to something much more memorable. With an unexpected twist at the end.

The campaign re-asserted the brand’s association with meal-times with friends and the accompanying activations helped created greater salience.