Ketchup Zaroori

National Ketchup is the leading ketchup in Pakistan. In the third commercial for the Ketchup Zaroori (Ketchup Necessary) campaign the ubiquitous nature of the condiment on the table was highlighted with humour and aplomb. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack, ketchup is versatile, it is universal in the ability to put flavor in the mundane, uplift moods, and entice the pickiest of eaters to enjoy their meal. The overall idea ‘When life brings you down, National Ketchup lifts you up again’ was brought to life with a story of a family that is perennially optimistic no matter what happens. Cheerful, engaging visuals and a catchy jingle took the Ketchup Zaroori reaffirmed National Ketchup’s position as the condiment of choice.