Bachpan Non-Stop

Safeguard is more than just an anti-bacterial soap or hand wash. This is a brand that celebrates uninterrupted childhood development and the child’s need to explore the world around him/her. The Bachpan Non-Stop (Childhood Non-Stop) campaign brings that to life in an engaging manner. The Safeguard boy is eager to learn and experiment as he and his friends run after a frog coming in contact with all sorts of dirt and grime and germs in the process.
His Safeguard mother is not only cognizant of that but supportive as well, encouraging their little quest. When the grandmother calls out in concern, it is the Safeguard mum who reveals the reason behind her assured confidence – Safeguard’s superior non-stop anti-bacterial protection.
And this is what helps her child along with other children to live out their childhood non-stop embracing all the adventures which may come their way.